• Cocktail Clubhouse- a dynamic and captivating space exclusively designed for owners, operators
    and bartenders passionate about pushing the boundaries of beverage creation. Featured profit
    power hours and meetups are led by Tiffanie Barriere, The Drinking Coach, Spirits Educator,
    Influencer; Erick Castro, Polite Provisions, Mixologist, Owner; and Josh Davis, Founder, Brown &
    Balanced and 2022 Bartender of the Year Winner.
  • Pizza Zone- Sponsored by Parpan, Pizza Zone unveils the hottest trends from unique artisanal
  • toppings to innovative crusts, attendees can discover the flavors that will captivate customers
  • and keep them coming back for more.
  • USBG Shake It Up Competition- the national United States Bartender’s Guild competition will
    take place Wednesday, March 20, showcasing the most talented bartenders in the nation as
    they demonstrate creativity, speed, and skill. The highest-scoring competitor will be named the
    2024 USBG National Champion and will represent the USBG at the IBA World Cocktail
    Championship in in Portugal, Fall 2024.
  • Julie Reiner *Keynote Speaker – Co-Owner of Milady’s, Clover Club, & Leyenda
  • Erick Castro- Polite Provisions, Mixologist, Owner
  • Kailee Asher- Director of Communications, Barter & Shake Creative Hospitality
  • Judy Elahi- Corporate Bar Director, 101 Hospitality
  • Kelli Ferrell- Owner, Nana’s Chicken-n-Waffles
  • Virgil Harper- Chef, Owner, Toast on Lenox
  • Kyla Hein- Owner, Beverage Director at TWP Hospitality
  • Lin Jerome- Co-Founder, Café Lola, Saint Honoré Doughnuts and Beignets
  • Jolene Manina- Founder, Secret Burger
  • Obadiah Ostergard- CEO, Vine Hospitality
  • Tamara Young- Owner, Toast on Lenox
  • Matthew Crompton- Regional Director, North America, CGA by NIQ
  • Alonso Castaneda- Savory Restaurant Fund, VP of Brand Development & Strategy
  • and many more…